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Added: July 17, 2020

Harmony Wonder - Jerk It For Me Daddy

Harmony Wonder sounds like a name for an actress who gives balloons to kids with cancers or some shit like that but in reality, she has lust-filled feisty personality who’s more than willing to showcase her nice body as a visual aid for her jerk off instructions. She may not be someone who gives a vibe of positivity but she surely has something more awesome to offer. In this sweet looking room filled with pink stuff, Harmony is sitting there in her lingerie. Jesus christ, just looking at the room gives me toothache. Everything is pink except whatever is Harmony is wearing. She starts this by conversing like a normal person but she gradually shifted to being naughty. Her dirty talks starts coming and won’t stop coming and she even made this more irresistible when she sits down and spreads her legs. Harmony starts playing with her slit over her clothes. She eventually turned to look at the other way to show her nice ass to whoever is watching. Her hands go around that her ass cheeks and go deeper when she bends over. Harmony starts shoving her panties to the side and shows her shaved pussy. She rubs her slit for a while until she sits back up and spread her legs once more. In this position, she fully shows her fuck holes and tits while her hands go around touching her every good bits. She started from rubbing but finger fucking becomes inevitable as she goes on. She was so turned on that she can’t help not doing that. Harmony goes back and forth from the said positions and she does everything she can to make this educational instruction worthwhile. This goes on until everyone came, even her. Harmony gets so dirty that her name just spelled out irony.