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Ella Knox - I Fucked My Girlfriend's Maid

When Pressure arrived at his girlfriend house, Ella Knox, the maid, opened the door. Immediately she jumped on him, hugged him and squeezed his butt. He was shocked. Then while he was waiting for his girlfriend, Ella offered him a glass of water. She was really horny so she pulled her shirt down, exposed her tits, and spilled the water on Pressure's pants, then she got a sponge to absorb the water and squeezed it all over her huge tits. Pressure was hypnotized but then his girlfriend came out interrupting Ella's seduction, she was a little tense so she asked Ella to give her a quick shoulder massage. While Ella was doing it Pressure started eating out Ella’s ass. Then his girlfriend got a phone call and taking advantage of the situation Ella and Pressure sneaked away to the room. There Ella pulled Pressure's pants down and started sucking his dick, then she went to the bed to be pounded doggy style, then cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary until Pressure delivered his hot cum on Ella's face