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Cassidy Banks - Busty Cassidy Gets Her Pussy Invaded - 25.04.19

Curvy Cassidy is getting ready for her shower. She removes her bra exposing the most beautiful natural tits. Then she continues to remove her little thong showing off her round ass. As she gets all lathered up, we get close and personal to see her rubbing soap on those big tits, ass and pussy. Meanwhile, downstairs a thief breaks in and starts rummaging through the house. Not finding anything worthwhile, he ventures upstairs. To his surprise, he finds Cassidy putting lotion on herself. He can’t help himself from grabbing her by the pussy and boobs and dragging her into the bedroom. When she realizes that it is her neighbor, she takes her payback. She forces him to show her his dick. She likes what she sees and starts sucking on it. Then they move to the bed where he fucks her in the best positions that show off her bouncing titties. He finishes her off with a load in her mouth that drips down to her boobs.