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Athena Faris -Tricks Her Boyfriend Into Cumming Inside Of Her! -26.04.2019

Trickery brings you the hottest girls fucking in the craziest situations! Athena Faris is a cutie that has been with her boyfriend for a while but is contemplating breaking up with him because he doesn't want to cum inside her. She pulls off a master trick by pretending to get a contraceptive shot so he busts his nut deep inside of her! Athena Faris wants her boyfriend to cum inside of her but he doesn't want to because she isn't on anything. She really doesn't want to break up with him because he won't shoot his load inside of her, so she comes up with a sneaky plan to get him to bust. She puts on a bandaid and tells him that she got a contraceptive shot so it's safe to fuck her pussy and creampie the fuck out of her. They get down to fucking and she finally gets to feel the allure of his cum filling her up!