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Amy - Amy: Unveiling

Amy wasn’t raised in the church. The pretty polygamy teen converted just a couple years ago when her mom married a polygamy man, and she’s quickly learning that there’s a lot about the church that she doesn’t know. Amy has always been a shy girl, but lately, she’s begun to suspect that her shyness might a way of protecting herself from a filthy secret. Whenever Amy has a sleepover with her friends, and the girls strip down to their underwear for bed, she can’t take her eyes off their tight young bodies. She sees how their underwear clings to them, revealing their hard, pink nipples and their full round asses. Amy’s untouched, virgin pussy grows wet with desire. Amy doesn’t masturbate, since the missionaries told her it’s sinful, but her need to be near these girls, to smell them, to accidentally brush against them as they slide into the bed next to hers is becoming more than she can bear. But to her surprise her secret lesbian fantasies all come true one day in the polygamy temple. Her mom wakes her up one morning and says that it’s time for her to learn the true meaning of her faith. Converts to polygamyism aren’t seen as equal to those girls born in the covenant, so Amy’s mom knows that her initiation will be particularly rough and humiliating for the girl. Her mom helps Amy get ready for her first trip to the temple, then walks her to the entrance, gives her a long hug, and walks away with tears in her eyes. Amy knows that the temple is where the Seed Bearer reveals the full gospel to worthy girls, but she knows nothing about the secret ceremonies performed there. When she enters the temple, her friend Robin takes her into a dressing room and instructs her to put on the veil and sacred robes, since she will be going through an unveiling ritual that will cleanse her of all her impurities. Trembling, Amy is brought into a room where two gorgeous girls stand, wearing robes so sheer that she can see their nipples. The sight gives Amy goosebumps. One of the girls lifts Amy’s veil from her face and presses her red, wet mouth against Amy’s lips. It’s the first time Amy has ever been kissed, and the sensations she feels are overwhelming. The brunette kissing her is the prettiest girl Amy has ever seen. She wants to reach out and touch her boobs, but she knows that as a convert she must be subservient to those girls who were born into the faith. And Amy is all too happy to let them do anything they want to her.